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Roger Focus

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Claennister Thu 20-Oct-16 09:58:52

Does anyone here use a Roger Focus or similar device with their children? Can I ask how you got this funded or provided, and who trains and supports the child with it in school? I know that radio AIDS are normally supported by the Teacher for the Deaf, and children with ASD, ADHD, APD, etc. are not generally supported by a TOD - so in which case who makes sure their radio aid kit is all working and being used properly in school?

We are off to Southampton to get a private assessment for APD as the local service keeps giving us a load of nonsense, and they will try her with a Focus, and assuming the trial is successful we then need to find out how to get it and, almost more importantly, who will ensure it's used to the best benefit. I can support the technology of it at home, but I can't go in and check the teacher is wearing it correctly.

NoTimeToDillyDally Sun 13-Nov-16 15:43:38

How did you get on with the assessment and Roger Focus? I haven't heard of a trial. That's good. I've been recommended one for my DS, too. They're rather £££ but it'll be next in my list of things to buy.

It's really the SENCO's job to learn how to use it and train staff on operating it/ caring for it. They may have used similar hearing devices at school with other pupils. I'd arrange a meeting with the class teacher, too - just to demonstrate its use and advise them to switch it off when they go to the staff room or toilet blush.

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