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School or unit in London for bright child with severe CP

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Moffycat Tue 11-Oct-16 09:53:44

We will be moving to somewhere in west London in the new year and I'm looking for a suitable school, unit, resource base, for my 6 year old son who has severe cerebral palsy and is very physically disabled but has no learning difficulties. (Think Stephen Hawkin but not quite so clever!) I've scoured the website for all the boroughs but I'm really drawing a blank.
He is currently in a mainstream school with 1:1 support, and while he is keeping up reasonably well with the other children he really needs a school or resource base with more specialist expertise in using all his complicated computer software, his eye gaze communication aid, and a whole host of other bits of equipment.
The London Centre for Cerebral Palsy would be great, but would involve a very long journey from west London to Muswell Hill.

tartanterror Wed 12-Oct-16 19:41:21

No suggestions but there are a few websites with different special schools which have different SEN search criteria- including gifted.

Otherwise I'd move near the school and commute to west London. Good luck!

mary21 Wed 19-Oct-16 16:52:58

Feltham comunity college has a physical disabilities unit. Orleans park has pupils with CP but I don't think as severe as your dc. There is also a specialist school will try and think of name.

mary21 Wed 19-Oct-16 17:06:50

Just realised you are looking for primary. Hounslow Heath infant and juniors has a physical disability unit. I don't know it though other than under the flight path. The school I was thinking of is Treloar. Might be easier than commute to Muswell hill even though looks worse

Olympiathequeen Mon 07-Nov-16 20:40:39

I don't know Treloar personally just someone who's son goes there. My DS goes to a conductive education school and started this year aged 8. He is doing brilliantly there although misses his friends.

Our experience is ms primary until age 7 with 1-1 (also severe disability CP). Pros fabulous acceptance and friends despite being non verbal but normal intelligence). Adapted learning via his TAs means he can read and do maths. TAs doing stretching program and getting him into walker and stander daily. Really good experience socially. Cons. Rubbish LA SALT provision and the school staff didn't have the expertise to take this on themselves. H&S said hoisting everywhere which reduced movement further and brought on some learned helplessness.

We looked at local SS. Great facilities and in house SALT expertise, but still hoisting and not encouraging normal movement. Also a high percentage of severe LD with behavioural problems so this would be quite scary for him.

Con Ed. great in house SALT, brilliant movement program (sits unaided for 1/2 hour a day plus other stuff) plus good educational program. Only con is he sees less in the way of normal school bustle and kids but is in a class of 6 with 3 of the children verbal and walking etc.

Eventually we would like a dual placement but only when he has reached the best physical side he can.

You need to look at all available schools and what suits your boy. We wouldn't miss our time at MS but it gets harder with time. We need to do all the transport as we are out of area, so about 1. 3/4 hours driving per day.

youarenotkiddingme Sun 27-Nov-16 11:03:06

Treloar is meant to be brilliant. They educate children with severe physical difficulties through GCSEs which sounds just what your ds needs. I'm not sure if distance from you but you should get transport if it's named on ehcp. They also do boarding option if that's something later on you or ds decide on. You can do mon-fri boarding so just 4 nights.

I get he's only 6 ATM but I'm thinking far ahead to secondary and that a place here would be long term.

Other than that you should choose an inclusive school with a great ethos because if ds has eye gaze etc then training should be provided to the school. So prior knowledge may not be necessary and a willingness to be inclusive will ensure they'll learn and differentiate as needed.

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