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Unilateral hearing . whould you say your child as partially deaf or not

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hks Sat 01-Oct-16 21:49:30

my daughter has unilateral hearing .(.completely deaf in left ear ) she had grommets put in at age of 4yrs and 7yrs due to ear infections They worked fine at first but gradually lost the hearing in her left ear ..ABR and Ct scan couldnt find any cause and was put down to viral she had shingles at 6yrs

Her hearing in good ear varies wether she has a cold / blocked nose or not ENT /Audiologist said a hearing aid was not suitable for her degree of hearing loss

I was at a family event for deaf // hearing impaired children today and one of the teachers asked about my daughter wether she was deaf .. and wether she used sign language or speech when i said she had unilateral hearing she turned round and said ""she's not deaf then "
i was a bit taken aback a teacher from a school for children with hearing impairment coming away with this

What are your views ??

my daughter has problems hearing in certain enviroments etc esp noisy classroom , busy roads , inc last years sports day when she was left standing at the start line when she didnt hear staff shout GO because of all the shouting cheering going on ..

Frusso Mon 03-Oct-16 20:35:45

What are her hearing levels in her better ear?
Do you know why they said heating aids won't work for her levels?
Is it glue ear that she has on that side? So it fluctuates?
Or her loss is greater than that so hearing aids won't help?

My daughter had a profound loss on one side and mild on the other and was classed as deaf or hearing impaired.
I would say she was hearing impaired over unilateral hearing. Or to be clearer she is hearing impaired and has a unilateral loss( I may add with fluctuating levels in her residual hearing, if I wanted to go into more depth)
But then personally I would prioritise the deafness in order to get the needed support.

Have you spoken to the Ndcs or have a hearing advisory teacher?

hks Tue 04-Oct-16 19:23:36

hi sorry for late reply.. Thanks for your post i have spoken to the NCDS who have said she could be classed as either deaf or hearing impaired

i have also contacted school nurse who has contacted the Local authority hearing impairment centre ( something i didnt even know about) who are going to get my daughter re tested as daughter is saying she can't hear as well in her good ear

they said they will then go through the results with me and if need refer her back to ENT and they will also get a teacher of the deaf to come out to my daughters new school to see how they can best help her in class At primary she always sat at front of class with her good ear to teacher but at Secondary school she is in many classes and also just found out the school did not know about her hearing loss .. ( 6 weeks in as well !! )

My daughter has no hearing at all in her and consultant has always said hearing aids would be of no use as NO usable hearing to pick up any signal

i asked audiologist last time we were there and he said she couldm't hear the sound of a jumbo jet in one of the tests i could hear it sitting at the other side of the room.

in her better ear hearing was 60% - 80% she also has scarring in both ear s from the first grommet op's

i didnt know at the time she could get a hearing aid to try instead of going through with surgery

Frusso Tue 04-Oct-16 23:17:21

Hearing impairment centre, I would think is the same as hearing (and vision) support services. (HSS or HVSS). You should have been allocated a teacher of the deaf (aka a hearing support teacher or Hess advisory teacher) when you dd was diagnosed as having a loss that was more than just glue ear.
That aside, you can find their number on your la website and self refer.
Our ToD goes into school an kicks butt when needed, does training with the teachers, and monitors dds progress. And will provide written advice for the school to follow.

I would say school wise you need to speak with the senco, get dd put on their SEN register if she isn't already, and she should be at least on school action.
Things like where she sits in class, ideally with her back to a window so the teachers face isn't in silhouette (although depends on class layout with unilateral loss) the teacher not talking whilst writing on the board, are all reasonable adjustments that can be done on to help dd.

Audiology wise is your dd not having 6-12monthly checks on her hearing levels? Especially as she has progressive loss.
If she's not accessing speech fully I would be asking them whether a hearing aid might be appropriate for her better ear. And what are her options if speech discrimination is getting worse?

My dd has cochlear implants now because her better ear had a sudden progressive loss. It might be worth you having an audiologist reviewing your dds levels against the nice guidelines (criteria) if she is showing a progressive loss on her better side.

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