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Private psychologist?

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Swippy Thu 25-Aug-16 23:22:23

My son was diagnosed with Asd in December, we are having issues with his behaviour at school. We are unhappy with the support we get there and are concerned they are trying to push him out as they've admitted they don't have the resources and have suggested we look at other schools, since he is in mainstream state school without and echp this will be difficult. They are in the process of getting an echp but everything is so slow, we are still waiting on the EP report and also our follow up appt since his diagnosis. Is there anything we can do privately like appoint a psychologist to go to school and get some strategies in place? They've been given advice by the behaviours support team and OT but feel someone needs to coordinate it confused!! I also worry they are just going through the motions ticking boxes hoping they can get an echp in place so they can get rid of him...he did well at nursery and I just feel that he would do well in mainstream with the right support and understanding

notgivingin789 Sun 28-Aug-16 01:50:10

OP it would be better to move this to the SN or SN Children board as not an awful lot of people use the SN Education board.

The ECHP process is painfully show I'm afraid. It takes about 6 months or up to a year if your going through the tribunal route.

The school should still be supporting your DS. Do they have IEP's in place for your son? I really recommend you looking for advice with parent partnership, they can even speak to the school on your behalf or can come along to meetings. There would be no point getting a private report, they may, if your lucky, read it, but I doubt they would put anything into place cause of the private report. Your best saving that if your going through the tribunal route.

"They've been given advice by the behaviours support team and OT but feel someone needs to coordinate it all". Yep! Very common Op, even when they is a ECHP plan in place, it's very hard to keep track of what they are doing, or if they are even doing it. I really recommend you go on the SOSSEN website and looking at their factsheets regarding ECHP plans.

Swippy Sun 28-Aug-16 23:23:16

Thank you, I will do. How do I move post? I will contact sossen and pip

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