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Statement of SEN

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smokeybandit Fri 27-May-16 19:29:46

Hi all, my ds (nearly 15) has struggled throughout his schooling and has FINALLY been told he may be on the spectrum for dyspraxia. Looking through the info we were given I definitely agree and am actually quite relieved as I always thought there was something more to his behaviour than "lazy". Because they've said they think it's only slight, I'm not sure there's much more they are going to do, thought the SEN teacher is very approachable so I have no qualms about speaking to her further. I'm wondering what difference it would make to have a "statement of SEN"? Is it an official thing, will it be shared with his teachers so they can be more understanding, will it help with exams next year? Has has all the knowledge he needs in his head but struggles greatly with writing it, he's a perfectionist but has awful writing and finds it hard to get his ideas out in written format. It's very frustrating for him and he doesn't feel he will do well next year. He's been moved down to bottom sets for lack of work though his teachers seem baffled as they know he is capable of more, it really knocks his confidence and I just want to try and help.

Muddledmike Sun 29-May-16 16:04:23

Make an appointment with your senco and discuss what is available. There are assessments he can have to ensure extra time for exams or assistive tech/keyboard etc which he could have without the full blown statement (now EHCP) see also IPSEA website.

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