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Independent School for SEN child

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RuinedLife Thu 26-May-16 11:30:00

My 7 yr old DS has mild CP, he has slow processing. His main difficulties are social skills, following instructions, age appropriate play, low working memory and independence. He has minimal SEN statement (no hours or funds) that is for a resource unit mainstream school. In last 3 years statement review was just update of provision that school comes up with. School is ok but resources are tight and he is kind of a guy who hides very well. He is falling through the gap. No friends and not able to follow curriculum on his own. I work very hard to keep him up with the class by doing Maths, Literacy etc at home. He is in lowest performing group.

Teacher doesn't care and says 'he is doing so good, aren't you proud', very very low expectation. They don't say anything specific because it will become their responsibility to find the solution. My feeling is that he is just getting by because he is laid back and doesn't fuss. Whenever we create a fuss, it comes to the point where relations with school will be ruined so don't go about it.

NOW, we are looking places in independent school, two school agree to take him. Both are good school non selective but not hugely SEN experienced, hardly any SEN pupil. They looked at statement and agree to support us. We think small class size and high expectation and order in his life is needed. We want to move him but not want to lose the statement (it was too hard to get it and impossible now to get a new one if we lose it). LA will definitely not fund indie school, not even worth trying, not rich enough to go to tribunal.

My questions are: how to speak to LA to move the support and we pay the tuition without involving legal (too costly?). If we keep him 1 year behind in indie will that be concern to LA?
No idea what and how to do it? Any suggestions?

Muddledmike Fri 27-May-16 18:10:07

My son goes to an indi, fully funded, also has cp and similar difficulties to what your describing. Without knowing too much about your situation but based on my experience, I had to go to LA and say basically things aren't working needs a whole heap more money and support, often (as in our case) the cheaper option for them is the indi. However it does mean proving his needs are not being met where he is. All the time the school is saying everything is fine and you're not putting up any argument the LA are blissfully unaware. I learnt the hard way that actually school isn't your best friend anD won't fight for your child - only you can do that and the LA need to know if you want them to pay.

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