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Self harming and school

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IamAwitch Sun 24-Apr-16 20:13:21

At this moment in time, I am very much in two minds on what is the best thing to do for our son.
He is 10 and at the minute has a diagnosis of autism though probably adhd and tourettes.
Last week end he ended up cutting his arm from elbow to wrist during a meltdown, which had us contacting the crisis team, on their advice we have kept him out of school with lots of meetings in how best for school to support him.
This is where my indicision has come in, since Friday his behaviour had progressively become worse because of the thought of returning to school.
Though I am taking him to school tomorrow as planned, as they have put new support in place but I am also worrying that in taking him to school could cause him to selfharm again, So if all the new support etc doesn't do what it says on the tin, at what point would it be reasonable and say this isn't working or what's best for him ??

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