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7 year old frustrated and aggressive

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booitsme Tue 05-Apr-16 18:29:44

My nearly 8 year old DS is awaiting an assessment but main issues are sensory plus in the last year getting more and more angry and frustrated. Recently he has been arguing with all his friends and says they are mean to him. I've watched him and he's got a lot of pent up anger and I'm worried he's going to start getting into trouble at school and losing his friends.

Today we were out with some good friends and their sons. I looked up and he was fighting one of his friends. His friend is bigger and stronger than him and looked so hurt that DS was attacking him over a football issue. He shoved him back hard and sent him flying. I'm hoping that taught my son a bit of a lesson. My friend handled it really well but I could see she was shocked and upset for her son.

When he's angry/upset he's very hard to calm down. He thinks everyone is against him. I tell him that he should ask for some me time and cool off. He doesn't though. Can anyone help with any strategies to help. No matter how patient I am - when he gets like that he thinks I'm being mean or lecturing him. He has such a sweet, funny nature that I don't want his anger and frustration to overshadow this.

booitsme Tue 05-Apr-16 18:30:46

Sorry I've realised this is education. 😳

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