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Recommendations for an inclusive secondary in South East London

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Marrsy Wed 09-Mar-16 09:35:04

I m trying to find a truly inclusive secondary for my DS in Lambeth LA.

He has dyspraxia and ADD and needs a LOT of support to stay focussed. He missed almost all of year 2 because the teacher just kind of left him to zone out and now in year 4 we have had to go back-to-basics to help him keep up. He often says he hates school because it is such a struggle for him to understand what is going on. He is getting better year on year as he matures though so I am hopeful that will continue. We are trying to get him an EHCP but have been told on numerous ocassions by the SENCO that is is highly unlikely we'll get one. This leaves me with the task of finding a school with a great SEN support system.

I am looking at Dunraven which looks good but is an enormous school which puts me off. DS would feel a bit lost I suspect.

Any recommendations/experiences in that area?


mary21 Mon 21-Mar-16 15:44:06

Don't know the school but without a EHCP you don't have an awful lot of choice. Ie no different to any other year 6 in your area. You can apply with a medical/social need but you will need an appropriate professional to say x needs to go to school y because it is thee only school that offers z. It has to be prescriptive.
You can apply for a EHCP yourself. Templates on the IPSEA website. Sometimes big schools are good because they are aware they are big and overwhelming so have things in place to ensure pupils are known.

Melawati Fri 29-Apr-16 11:23:05

Have a look at Elmgreen and Norwood, but as above, you won't get to choose unless you can evidence a specific need. Lambeth uses a test to band all the Y6 and each school takes a certain number from each band - this can make it trickier to know where you're in the catchment for. The easiest way is to notice what uniforms the children who live on your street wear.

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