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Boarding school for ASD Child - is it emotionally damaging?

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firecracker123 Sun 28-Feb-16 16:51:37

I am considering whether to seek a placement at a specialist ASD/ADHD school for my child. The provision local to us is just not suitable for him and the nearest suitable provision would require weekly boarding. I feel very worried about sending him as he is strongly bonded to me and I am worried he will feel very rejected and alone. Am I worrying unnecessarily? How have you found it if your child has been at boarding school?

uptotheskies Sun 28-Feb-16 23:00:59

DS goes to a special ASD residential school, he went at age 11 and is now 16. It has been the best decision for him, he has thrived there academically and socially and has far more opportunities open to him than he would have at a mainstream. He does come home every weekend and we still have a strong relationship, but now he has friends at school which is supported through the 24 hour curriculum, which he just wouldn't have if he'd stayed at home.

I do know of other students at the school who found the transition tougher, but they've all been supported and all of them eventually settled.

firecracker123 Mon 29-Feb-16 06:46:57

Thank you, that's really helpful and reassuring. We have ruled out mainstream. The problem we have is that there is very limited ASD provision near us for a child with mixed ability. My DS is capable of a mix of entry level and GCSE and it seems most special schools are focused on entry level.

Have you found your DS's behaviour is worse at weekends? I am a bit worried my son might hold it all in at school then explode at home! Can I ask which school he is at?

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