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so angry

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user1456005966 Tue 23-Feb-16 14:53:20

Basically when we lived in Cornwall Jess as assessed for dyslexia, they found short term memory problems attention and concentration problems, no dyslexia. She was also referred to a paediatrician for all sorts inc wetting, sensory issues, couldn't do laces buttons or use cutlery properly to name a few. She was sent to an OT for sensory assessment who came to the conclusion Jess had sensory processing disorder and some motor skill difficulties. We were also waiting to see a clinical psych for her separation anxiety and wetting issues after seeing a continence specialist.
Then we moved!
When she came to this school I told the head at the time and provided the paperwork with her dx from the OT so school were aware and she could get the support. Jess is also on child in need plan because of SS and her emotional stuff with her dad etc. In the first child in need plan it was requested Jess be assessed for ASD, and also a therapist to come in and work with Jess for self esteem building, confidence building etc. I was told school had no concerns.
I spoke with the special education teacher today to request an appointment and explained why. I asked if she was aware Jess had sensory processing problems, and also if the therapy had started yet her she wasn't aware of either!! I also asked why I had been refused an ed psych and she said it had not been refused bug no one had told her what they wanted Jess to be assessed for!!!
I am so angry!! What can I do? I'm going to a meeting tomorrow and I want to complain to the relevant body!

AugustaFinkNottle Fri 26-Feb-16 16:39:43

How far did you move? Did you ask your GP about re-referring her to a clinical psychologist?

If I were you at this stage I'd concentrate more on getting your daughter's needs met than complaining. How did the meeting go? Is she on the SEN register at her new school?

By the way, if that's her real name you might like to ask MN to change it. You can do it by reporting your own post.

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