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Is there any point applying for an EHCP for a 19 year old?

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ClarenceTheLion Sun 07-Feb-16 01:05:52

DS has just turned 19, and someone I know suggested an EHCP might help him over the coming years as he is nowhere near ready to find work or take on an education placement without a lot of support.

But everything I've read online suggests that they should be in place before 18, and that LAs have no need to grant them after that age. Is that right?

GruntledOne Fri 19-Feb-16 23:30:43

LAs have a duty to provide EHCPs at any age up to 25 provided the young person needs to be in education. There isn't a specific need for them to be in place before 18, but it's true to say the older he is the more difficult it will be to get one.

PassionateMum Wed 24-Feb-16 16:50:29

Apply, apply, apply - now! Exactly what this system was designed to do support to 25 if needs be. Go to the IPSEA website (google it) and find the model letter. Ignore LA or others that say it won't work/ can't do it. Follow the law.

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