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ADHD nearest school or should we consider specialist school

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Liblob2016 Sat 09-Jan-16 08:14:46

New to this forum but have been hanging around watching and reading for sometime, and thought you lot could help....
My 10 yr old is due to start secondary school in Sept and we are waiting to hear about places. He has been recently diagnosed with ADHD and Social communication disorder. We have visited the local schools and met with SENCO etc.
He gets v little support currently and school don't really get how ADHD affects all aspects of his school life and I am constantly battling and going in and talking and explaining and asking for help and v little comes back the other way.
I have been reassuring myself that this will get better at secondary school but am now worrying that it will be more of the same but without the chats at the school gate and poorer communication.
He feels to me like a 'diamond in the rough' and I need somewhere where he can be nurtured, valued and encouraged rather than be the annoying one who pisses people off and others don't get.
I am not saying a specialist school would be a walk in the park but not having to explain etc and they would have strategies in place, staff would have chosen to work with children with learning difficulties - is there a benefit?

Russiandarcy Sun 10-Jan-16 12:06:36

I think you should view as many places as possible! Get a feel for where might suit your son. As a parent you're often best qualified to know your child best

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