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Dyslexia assessment -Manchester/North Cheshire

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notnowbernadette Sat 12-Dec-15 21:30:44

I'm looking to get my dd assessed as she appears to have a number of signs that she may be dyslexic and she is increasingly frustrated with her reading ability. She goes to secondary school in a couple of years so I'm keen to have a good understanding of her challenges before then so we can try to seek out a suitable school. Does anyone have any recommendations of anyone who is reputable in the Greater Manchester or North Cheshire area?

fasparent Thu 17-Dec-15 20:52:38

Suggest you visit your GP , health centre, too seek referral too community paediatrician there is usual a waiting time for appointments, but as you say you have a few years , Have just been too see one in your area which is great, child has different condition support is fantastic, but still had too wait 6 months for an appointment but was worth it.

Kindest Regards

Rainbowsurf Sat 02-Jan-16 22:31:14

Contact Dyslexia Action

We got our son assesed by them and they were great. It's expensive and so you have got to be pretty sure the child has dyslexia before you fork out!

My DH and his brother both have dyslexia and DS displayed all the symptoms.

We have now got our son a private dyslexia tutor through them.

You might find school unhelpful - we did. School said all classrooms have to be dyslexia friendly anyway. They only offer extra support if children fall 2 years behind (this support would be nothing to do with being dyslexic, just to do with being behind). Having a diagnosis of dyslexia doesn't necessarily mean anything else is going to happen at school but it does mean you can take action yourself.

For our DS having a diagnosis has helped with his self esteem and helped our understanding over his difficulties and frustrations and anxieties around literacy. DS would generally burst into tears when faced with literacy homework.

His dyslexia tutor has basically taken him right back to basics, repeating over and over the building blocks/rules for literacy. He hasn't drastically improved (we were not hoping or expecting for this) his levels but what it has done (and what we hoped for) was to reduce his distress on being faced with anything to do with reading or writing and greatly improve his self esteem.

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