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How do I help DD ?

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Lovemyjimjams Mon 30-Nov-15 22:42:12

Sorry - no idea if this is the right place to post about this - perhaps you can advise me!

DD - age 6 - has been diagnosed with ADHD. Not severe - she manages well at school but can be v temperamental at home. Issues at school include getting distracted easily, being slow to complete work and sometimes refusing to complete tasks. Physically she is v small for her age and emotionally she is very immature. She often behaves\talks like a baby which is not helping as at school she is now being treated like a baby which is creating a vicious circle. This is all on top of a very low self esteem. Academically she is very able and loves learning, but because she behaves in such an immature way she is being brushed aside and underestimated by her teachers which in turn is making her believe that she is stupid. She is already showing a "give-up" mentality.

Ed Psych said she needs more challenge - we put her in for an assessment at an independent school but apparently she refused to complete some of the tasks and so was not offered a place even though the work was easy for her. I found this so upsetting - I haven't told her about the decision yet as she will be devastated.

Current school is very small and are encouraging me to keep her there as it is all familiar to her and they know her. I can see where they're coming from - but I'm also thinking that in a larger class she would have to "grow up" a bit as she would not have all the intense attention of a small class.

2 questions:

1. Is there anything I can do to help her develop some emotional maturity?

2. Small class in small school where everything is very secure (and where she is regarded as the cute baby) or larger class in larger school where she will not have the same level of intensity (but where perhaps she might also suffer from being ignored) ?

Thank you.


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