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Mild ASD friendly schools in Surrey

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Molliana44 Thu 26-Nov-15 17:24:29

Hi, we are going through the long and painful process of identifying my DD's needs. So far she has been to a lovely State primary school, where they flagged some lack of attention and a bit of a disruptive behaviour, but they always reassured us that she was a lovely, social girl and no need to worry.

We recently moved to Weybridge and she was offered a place in a local well known independent school. She is now in Y1. A few weeks into the school year, it became apparent that, although she was bright and doing well in terms of reading, spelling, maths, etc, she had a lot of trouble concentrating, staying still, sometimes communicating, etc...

To cut a long story short, she has been seen by a Paediatrician today and he suspects very mild ASD and ADHD (although it's early days for a proper diagnosis). Her current school wants her gone. No real provision for SEN. We have tried a few other schools in the area, without mentioning ASD (as we still didn't really know what the problem was) - Notre Dame Cobham, St Teresa's Effingham, and Manor House, Bookham. They have all refused to take her stating that they can't "meet her needs".

Her "needs" are not that great, she would benefit from a bit of 1to1, quieter areas where to do her work, some breaks between lessons, etc, but nothing too major and which couldn't be met with a few classroom adjustments and the right teaching staff. But obviously, schools don't want to know.

Any advise on school in the area which will be happy to take and help her? As I said, she is very mild ASD, she is social and has lots of friends, she does well academically, she responds to rewards system, etc... So ideally we would want her in a mainstream school and preferably an Independent school (mainly because of the class sizes).


cherryemma Fri 27-Nov-15 16:34:50

Hello, could be worth you posting this on our Local Surrey talk board:

Good luck

Local Editor

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