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How to approach MS school about placing DS in Special School

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GeorgieCallahan723 Fri 20-Nov-15 22:46:11

I have a 5 year old DS that was diagnosed with Autism in October this year, it wasn't that much a surprise to be honest, DS is about 80% non-verbal and although his mainstream school have tried their best, their best just isn't good enough. DS sits at his own table with a TA that isn't specialised in Autism for half the day and then has recently been moved into the nursery class in the afternoon as Head said he wasn't coping in the reception class and they had less children and more teachers in the nursery in the afternoons, and the way the nursery class was set up meant that DS could access everything easier. I agreed on a trial basis. DS also does one hour of speech therapy a week, which isn't nearly enough and I've once again been told that he won't take part in the Christmas play as he can't cope. He's in a class with 30 other children that he just ignores, there are countless other things but overall I feel like DS isn't learning anything and is just left to play. So once he was diagnosed I started looking at special schools, there's a great special needs school that specialises in Autism in our borough, I went to look around, spoke to staff etc and feel that this school would be a far better fit for DS.

His Mainstream school is currently in the middle of doing DS' EHCP and I know there's a school section and I would like for them to name this school in that section or to be aware that I want DS to go to that school and for them to help in any way they can but how do I ask that without stepping on any toes or sounding rude and what if they refuse?

Schrodingersmum Sat 21-Nov-15 21:24:13

Just to reassure you, although the school have applied for the EHCP you are the parent and get to name the school you would like in principle

You do need to evidence that the school is not meeting your sons needs but it looks like the school are evidencing this by moving him back into nursery and always providing 1to1

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