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wording on statement - what does it mean? effective or weasel words?

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Tutak Mon 09-Nov-15 14:38:51

Battling with my son's statement. Under Non Educational Provision the LA has put 'The setting to consider making a referral to the OT and physiotherapy services'. Does this mean that the LA will fund OT and physio or that it's left up to the school to find the money and there's no obligation to get professional input? He has a set number of hours for SALT per term and an LSA part time, but specialists who have checked him over says he needs regular (once a term) OT and physio assessment and tailored exercises/therapy which LSA could deliver…but not sure with this wording he will get it. Not helped by fact that his school is in a different borough from one we live in...

NutCrackerSlacker Mon 16-Nov-15 22:53:22

Its wooly shit. It needs to be quantified and specified for it to mean anything. Is the Statement still at draft stage or coming up for review? I would push to get the exact type of therapy, name of provider and hours per week specified.
Might have a fight on your hands, but its definitely possible to get it written in.

Good luck x

Tutak Tue 17-Nov-15 11:42:45

Thank you so much for excellent advice Nutcrackerslacker - it's up for review, and I can see that I'll have a fight on my hands.

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