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Independent Schools and child having to leave if notice given

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EnchantedForest Sun 18-Oct-15 03:35:33

Just wondered if anyone had come across this situation. DC attends an mainstream Independent School and has a Statement. The 1:1 appointed by the school does not have the experience to support DC's needs and this is a requirement in the Statement.
DC as a result of not receiving the right support has fallen behind at school and the school want DC to repeat an academic year.
We have asked the head to replace the 1:1 with someone who does have the training as set out in the Statement, but the head refused. The head is insisting that we pay for the 1:1 to be trained at the same time as saying the 1:1 is suitably qualified.

We therefore gave a term's notice as the head advised us that DC need's to repeat an academic year. This is as a result of not receiving the right support and now it is difficult to find a suitable school at short notice as DC needs to catch up, with the right support in place.

DC may not have a school to go to at the end of term. Does anyone know if the school can ask DC to leave in this situation? Presumably if a term's notice is given, despite the reason being as a result of the 1:1, DC will have to leave.
Presumably we would lose the provision in the Statement if we are forced to home school, why we try and find a school of choice.
The school is not named in the Statement.

GruntledOne Tue 03-Nov-15 21:51:16

If you've given notice I would have thought the school can certainly expect her to leave unless you withdraw the notice and they accept the withdrawal.

What sort of school does the statement say she should be in? If it says she should be in a mainstream school, then if you tell the LA that you are withdrawing her they would have to find a mainstream school for her and arrange all the support set out in her statement. If you don't want that then the onus would be on you to identify an alternative and probably to home school in the meantime.

It could well be worth phoning the SEN department and discussing the possibilities, including maybe something like the provision of home tuition whilst alternative schools are investigated and consulted.

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