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LEA Ed Psych assessment

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Sparky17 Mon 14-Sep-15 19:04:46

Hi the LEA has recently agreed to my request to assess my 8.10 year old daughter for an EHC Plan (not supported by school as "her levels not bad enough". We have diagnosis's of Auditory Processing Disorder, Vision Processing Disorder, Dyslexia plus she has working memory, and auditory memory and attention issues, and other issues. She has spelling and writing levels of <5 years. I wanted a proper assessment and an EHCP to support her needs now and through secondary school. The Ed Psych has contacted me and it appears that she may not actually do an assessment of her cognitive skills. Can I please ask what assessments I could ask them for - I just want a proper assessment for her and want to be able to request the LEA to do it but need help with the names/types of assessment available to the LEA.....thanks very much!!

Tissie Sat 03-Oct-15 22:30:15

The LEA will contact a range of individuals who have been concerned with your child. If by any chance they do not then make sure the reports you've had on your daughter are attached with your statement. You will be asked for one. I think I would also ask your GP for a referral to a paediatrician.

The fact that the LEA has agreed to assessment for an EHCP strongly suggests they see difficulties. Qute where the school get off saying she is not bad enough is unbelieveavable. One has to suspect they are just being lazy. If you want the cognitive assessment you need to ask her to do a full WISC assessment. This is an excellen detailed assessment and commonly done by EPs. Good luck.

Sparky17 Sun 04-Oct-15 16:28:17

Thank you so much Tissie - here's hoping!

Firewalkwithme Sat 02-Jan-16 18:13:22

My son wasn't "bad enough" for a Statement of SEN. He got diagnosed at 4 with autism and didn't get one till he was 9. He has severe learning difficulties, an IQ of 61 and very severe behavioural problems. He is a nightmare child at the moment. Just goes to show how little the "experts" know. I have said all along that he needed help and I wasn't listened to. I think it is so wrong that it comes down to how sharp elbowed you are. Bearing in mind that I have always been contacting social services about him etc. Just keep trying, but the sad reality is that they just care about the budgets and not your kid or how it impacts on your family.

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