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slkk Wed 02-Sep-15 22:02:18

Hello I posted in sn children but no response so maybe here is a busier place.
Ds is about to start reception in a unit and will be getting transport. Does anyone have experience of this for a young child? Will he get to meet the escort first? Would we be able to go with him on his first day? I just can't imagine waving him off with strangers. He won't understand what is happening.

KeepBadgering Fri 04-Sep-15 21:25:01

Have you rung your local council and spoken to someone in the Home to School transport department?

My son had transport when in primary school and we got to meet the driver and the escort beforehand. I did take him in his first day but he came home on transport.

AsTimeGoesBy Fri 04-Sep-15 21:29:27

Have you been given contact details for the transport provider? It might be worth ringing them. My DS starts transport next week and although my concerns were different (he is 11 and won't need an escort) I found I got a lot more helpful info out of the provider than the council.

QueenFrusso Sat 05-Sep-15 08:48:43

Do you know if ds will be in his own taxi or added to an existing route? (Bus or taxi)
The PAs we've had have been very experienced, and the drivers are usually ones that have experience of school transport.
Dd doesn't meet them before hand, (except if they are covering planned leave) but I am given the times for the route, names and the make/model/colour of the taxi.
It is a bit like sending them off with a stranger, but ime, it's a stranger with an enhanced dbs check and 12 weeks of training (for PA).

slkk Sat 05-Sep-15 17:57:40

Thanks for your replies. I haven't spoken the transport provider as I've been waiting for a start date from the school but as this is taking its time I think I'll take your advice and contact them on Monday anyway. Not sure if it is bus or taxi (hopefully a bus as he LOVES buses). I'm not worried harm will come to him as I know they all have dbs check etc, but he won't understand that and it may be scary for him. Anyway, hope the new term goes well for you all.

sequeena Fri 25-Sep-15 14:59:25

Hi how did it go? My son started reception a few weeks ago (unit within a mainstream school). He goes via bus. We met the carers and driver beforehand. He loves it smile

Fairylea Fri 25-Sep-15 18:10:07

How is it going? My son is probably starting a special school with transport next September and this is something that's really worrying me.

sequeena Fri 25-Sep-15 19:39:16

I was really worried about it. 3 weeks in and my fears are gone. Plus I don't have to worry about the school run!

Fairylea Fri 25-Sep-15 21:29:49

That's really good to hear squeena flowers pleased it's going so well and no school run sounds great !

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