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NQT teacher and lack of assistance for DS next year

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pontypridd Mon 20-Jul-15 23:33:00

DS is about to start in Year 4. I've been told by the SENCO that the TA will only be part time because once in Year 4 the classes don't have full time TA's anymore.

DS has a physical disability that affects mostly his left hand. He can barely use it. So anything that needs the use of 2 hands is extremely difficult for him.

He has a statement. But it is Level D (from memory) so I think it brings no extra funding to the school and therefore no specific extra help for him in class.

What worries me though is that the new teacher is an NQT teacher and she is very young. She trained this year in his school in his current Year 3 class. I'm worried that there will be so much new stuff for her to learn that DS's needs will be forgotten. And there is not even going to be a TA in the class to help him when he needs help.

I have approached the school but they've batted all my worries away as though I'm making a fuss about nothing. Saying things like 'an experienced teacher might be incompetent too' - not very reassuring.

I'm wondering how to get my son a bit more support. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you.

cuntycowfacemonkey Mon 20-Jul-15 23:37:38

The NQT wouldn't worry me (in my experience they have always been more open to listening to my views and concerns!) Statements don't come with individual funding anymore schools hold the budget for SEN.

What does his statement say that he needs in terms of support? What type of support was he typically getting before? Was the previous TA a class one or was she there specifically to support your son?

pontypridd Mon 20-Jul-15 23:55:09

The previous TA was a class one. Not there to support just my son.

We have just reviewed the statement. I've just looked at it and there is nothing in it to say what I want it to say. Just simply help with cutting, D&T and 2 handed activities.

The review has literally just gone. So I'll call the SENCO tomorrow and ask her to put these things in. I'll take the information from the recent class teacher's report.

Whether they'll put this in or not I don't know ...

Yes. I know what you mean about NQT being more open to listen to your views and concerns. We've had a very new, but not NQT teacher this year and I have found that he's been the first teacher to actually listen and be prepared to try things differently.

cuntycowfacemonkey Tue 21-Jul-15 00:02:28

I would suggest a meeting with the teacher too and ask how they feel they can best support your ds. Tell them your concerns and ask that you can regularly discuss how he is coping with no TA support.

pontypridd Tue 21-Jul-15 00:17:55

OK. Thank you. I'll have to wait until September as she's not around until then. But I'll do it early on in the term.

Thank you.

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