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Siblings of special needs children get ignored by LEAs

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lonefemale Mon 06-Jul-15 12:11:47

I've just had a horrible appeals process trying to get my youngest into the same school as middle son who has ADHD (along with spectrum/learning/communication problems). The panel seized on ONE aspect of my appeal - that my youngest being there would make MS less lonely - and twisted it to seem that I was prioritising my special needs son over my 'normal' son. Ignoring that my youngest desperately wants to be at the same school as his brother. It was horrendous, I am a terrible, manipulative mother apparently. Our appeal will be rejected and we will have three different children at three different schools, the one with special needs inevitably dominating our time. How is that helping the youngest? It's so frustrating. Why does it always have to be so hard? Can't LEAs support the whole family of SEN children? I'm trying not to feel angry, but I'm devastated by having to defend myself to the panel, I'm trying to do what is best for my family.

ProudAS Sun 12-Jul-15 07:13:07

Might be worth PMing Admission or PRH47bridge who are both active on the primary education forum and see if one of them could share their expert knowledge.

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