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Useless mother needs help

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Yaj231269 Tue 30-Jun-15 12:33:19

Hello I'm new to the forum to come here because I'm desperately looking for help .my youngest son is 10 years old and lives with her family since he was 4 to cut a long story short he has been to more paediatrician appointment and children are mental health appointments than I've had hot dinners.
It is obvious to everybody around him that he has problems and he is suffering paediatrician will not diagnose the children are mental health department say that he does not come under the remix until he is 11 the school in my opinion has not done everything that they could do to help him with his education

So today I have A 10-year-old son who has social emotional behaviour and educational problem moderate to severe and to date as a family we have received no advice or help or guidance as to how to deal with him

For months and weeks I've been phoning and writing to different people trying to get help with no success so I figured I got to start somewhere so I'm gonna have a concerted effort to try and get his education sorted out is presently in year five and below average in all subjects that he has an incredibly bright and inquisitive mind and is very very articulate so we know that he is an intelligent boy unfortunately the school has failed to recognise this.

I have been advised to make an ECHP application and this is why I'm here a I have been going to appointments writing to people phoning people and begging people to help my son. As a result my son has received no help so maybe you can understand why I am a little bit nervous about making this application and worried that I'm going to cock it up and let him down.

So true anybody reading this if you have any knowledge or experience of writing these applications could you please help me after five years of trying with success to get him help I really need this to be successful for him thank you for taking the time to read this

Schrodingersmum Tue 30-Jun-15 14:40:53

I wrote our DD's EHCP application 6 months ago, they dont expect you to write it as anything other than a parent. Be honest, explain what you see and highlight your concerns.

There are charities around like parent partnership who can help you, if in doubt contact IPSEA or your local special needs dept who may know of a local charity to help you. There are always people on here willing to listen and help

Yaj231269 Tue 30-Jun-15 18:02:02

Thanks for the response

OneInEight Sun 05-Jul-15 08:13:26

We did a very lengthy report containing the following sections:

Summary paragraph saying ds's needed statement because of SEBD that were preventing them being able to access the full curriculum, were getting worse, needing substantially more help than an average child of their age.

List of professionals involved.

Areas of difficulty - bulleted list giving one or two specific examples of each point.

Developmental history

Diary of incidents at school / home - again bulleted list e.g. meltdowns, school refusal, having to be withdrawn from lessons. We concentrated on the major incidents but included enough to show situation was worsening.

Summary table of academic levels over several years to show stalling of progress. We had an Ep report by this time and could point out difference between aptitude and actual progress.

List of interventions tried at school and the extent (or not) to which they had helped.

List of interventions we thought the ds's needed - some recommended by reports and others from reading the Sn pages on mumsnet!!!!

Worked for us anyway!

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