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Feeling frustrated please help x

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annmazhar Mon 08-Jun-15 12:08:37

Last year my son was statemented it was a very long drawn out process and I was left to do most of the chasing up anyway my son got his statement and in the statement it stated that my son was best educated in a speech and language unit has he was diagnosed with having speech and oral dypraxia and other learning difficulties. I have moved recently from my previous home in Manchester and moved to Middlesbrough my son has has now moved to a state school and gets no extra help or support at the school which is a big worry. We have been told that his statement is not valid here as it's a different authority so we have to go through the whole stage again to get him assessed all over again by the doctors, education phycologist, speech and language thepists because he can get a statement in this authority I've been told there's long waiting lists and I could be waiting up to 18 months just to get my son assessed.
During the meantime there's no help or support being put in place for my son cause there's no statement I feel so frustrated and feel terrible that my son has to struggle.
Don't know what to do please if you can I would like some advice x

BigBird69 Thu 11-Jun-15 11:38:30

Have a look on the ipsea website. They have lots of resources for this type of thing and a help line

ouryve Thu 11-Jun-15 11:42:23

They're by law supposed to honour the statement until he's properly re-assessed. I don't think there's any S&L units in Boro, though, although I may be wrong.

Icimoi Sat 13-Jun-15 22:24:57

When you moved Manchester should have sent the papers to your local authority who should have formally notified you whether they intended to leave the statement as it was or review it. If they decided to review it, the previous statement would remain in force until a new statement was produced. They shouldn't be starting all over again, and certainly there should be no question of assessment. The previous statement is still in place and fully enforceable.

Write to the SEN department pointing out that they have a duty to ensure that your ds gets all the support set out in part 3 of this statement and saying that it needs to be put in place immediately. If that doesn't happen, tell them you will take judicial review proceedings through the court. If that still doesn't work, contact Maxwell Gillott about court action. You should be able to get legal aid in your son's name if that becomes necessary.

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