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newly diagnosed dyslexic Y7 -any tips? (I posted in Education too)

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reup Tue 26-May-15 17:34:55

Its writing, handwriting, working memory that are the issues. His reading is OK. He said he was top 5% verbally but bottom 5% working memory. I couldn't take in all the EP had to say but he recommended a laptop for all his lessons - he just has it for English now.

Has anyone provided their own laptop? His did the work get to the teachers? He is currently doing a TTRS Touch typing course.

He has done a Lucida screening at school but only was below average for reading comp speed but everything else was very near to the bottom of the average band.

Any ideas for websites, books, strategies to help? The EP talked about doing things visually - mind maps etc.

I don't really know where to start - am a bit overwhelmed.

Tissie Sun 31-May-15 12:28:03

Any chance of getting a specialist tut0r for him? This so complex. I work as a specialist tutor.
Provide your own laptop if at all possible. Email or ask to see the school's IT manager to make sure it is compatible with the school's system. Work can be emailed to the teacheror printed out (this is why it needs to be compatible with school) and handed in as normal.
With such a low working memory score your son should be getting 25% extra time for all tests and exams. This provides valuable evidence later when applying for extra time in GCSEs.
Teachers and you need to encurage your son to take a slow methodical approach to all work. It needs to be broken down into chunks and worked through step by step.
Reading - texts need to be photocopied so your son can read and highlight key words and information. Reading for learning is more than the sum of reading tests.
Mind mapping is one way of recording information visually but you can also record key words with info on the back of cards; make a powerpoint presentation on a topic; use drawings and diagrams depending on the nature of the work to be learned.
Can I help further? Do you live in the south west? No I am not touting for paid business. I would guenuinely like to help.

fastcarrot Fri 12-Jun-15 19:43:58

My Ds1 has just had similar daignosis in Y8.

HIs school has a bank of laptops you can sign out and he's found that OK, but some are dodgy so we probably will get him his own for his birthday. We probably will get teh school SENco to advise on this.

He emails work to teachers and can print out via the school network at the end of the lesson. He also carries a memory stick (which he tends to leave behind). It si an organisational challenge for him, though!

Be optimistic. This is just the start of him getting to understand himself as a learner. If he's like my DS he's been struggling for years and not knowing why.

I'm no expert, but can recommend touch typing (English type junior is great), and also the BDA website. Ask your son about what works for him and support him to find his own way of doing things - dyslexics are very inventive!

My favourite book on dyslexia is 'the dyslexic advantage' by Brock Eide. Your son might want to read it too. It very positive and inspiring.

AnonyMusty Wed 17-Jun-15 00:04:24

List of PATOSS tutors and assessors:

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