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Anyone had to deal with a Work Refuser? DCD/SPD ADHD/ASD 8yo.

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ASorcererIsAWizardSquared Mon 11-May-15 17:54:35

DS is 8yo, in yr 3.

he has dyspraxia quite badly, he also has sensory processing disorder and ASD and is awaiting assessment from CAMHS for ADHD (just a formality!)

He is consistently refusing to do his work at school, not even trying, just point blank, stubborn refusal.

School have been really good, have been communicating with me, and tried everything i can suggest, as trying to make him can push him into a meltdown. He has scribes, computers...etc and lots of help.

SENCo is worried he is falling behind as he's not producing any work they can assess. DS is very bright, but a lot of the issues seem to be he feels its 'too hard', but its not, he just decided it is/that he doesn't want to do it and will not even attempt it.

The work comes home with him, and we do it at home with very little trouble because he has my 1:1 help and attention.. but even at school when the teacher or TA or the SENCo gives him that 1:1 attention, he's still refusing.

Can anyone help or advice, or even just offer some 'you're not alone' sympathy, because this is starting to stress me out. sad

PolterGoose Wed 13-May-15 11:02:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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