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Good Ed Psych report or an ICAN report for Auditory Processing Disorder(APD), dyslexia

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Sparky17 Fri 20-Mar-15 00:16:18

Hi dear SNMN's my dd is 8 and in mainstream school on school action. She has held a dyslexia DX for 18 months, has Irlen Syndrome ( although this now fixed), and the more recent APD dx from GOSH. She is now getting "termly provision" from SaLT. I am very worried about her processing skills and memory issues and secondary school looming. I am considering asking for an EHCP assessment and to get either a good Ed Psych report or an ICAN report to back it up. I'm thinking the assessments/reports will help me to help her, but also add weight to my EHCP request. The SENCO has already advised me her levels are not bad enough for an EHCP ( reading 2a, maths 2b, writing 2c).
I'm already in debt from the assessments and therapy so far but just don't know what to do about her secondary education and don't have the expertise to assess her strengths and weaknesses and ongoing support required. Would really appreciate your comments......xx

senvet Fri 20-Mar-15 02:24:21

he SENCO has already advised me her levels are not bad enough for an EHCP ( reading 2a, maths 2b, writing 2c).

As you know, this is total bollocks, and shows that they have totally missed the point that they should be taclking dc's visual and auditory processing.

I would definitely apply for an EHCP first and then sort indie report when you know if your are fighting an appeal to assess, or one of the appeals further down the line eg appeal against the contents of the EHCP

I have seen one report from ICAN. It was OK but not as good as the best EP reports. But better than the worst. The dyslexia society will also do reasonably priced dyslexia assessment.

What assessments do you get from GOSH - do they extend to advising on school provision?

If you live in Kent/Sussex you can get help with funding reports from the Bedgebury Foundation

If you are entitled to legal aid and are appealing an EHCP, then legal aid would cover the reports - so ask someone like Maxwell Gillot.

Finally, if you go to look at a special school, they may have experts who would assess dc with some short reports from experts at low or zero cost although they are not extensive assessments.

I am wondering it you might be better with an expert indie SALT assessment, or an independent behavioural optometrist expert like (check carefullY who they have as I think Keith Holland himself has died which is a tragic loss). Or maybe a good sensory OT could do it. The only one I know ir MiriHorovitz-Cohen at OT London

The LA is less likely to think of going for these, so it will give you an advantge in making the case for extra help.

Good Luck

adrianna22 Fri 20-Mar-15 18:56:08

Do not go for the ICAN report.

I have one and when a really good specialist looked at it ( as I'm appealing to tribunal) she strongly recommended that I should ditch the report.

I would seriously spend money on getting a really good EP to assess your child.

Sparky17 Fri 20-Mar-15 20:19:06

Dear Senvet thank you so much for your response! There was a guide for schools from GOSH and I can pick out bits of that. We live in Bucks so unfortunately can't benefit from Bedgebury. I won't be eligible for legal aid as I work and earn just pennies over the threshold for any benefits sad
I just need to stop worrying and get on with it I think! Thanks again for all your tips! Xx

Sparky17 Fri 20-Mar-15 20:25:59

Thanks Adrianna for your response too....I think I will cobble up an application for the EHCP assessment, and also follow up and sit on the waiting list for the very good quality Ed Pysch report - and see where it all ends up!! Thanks again, appreciated! Xx

senvet Sun 22-Mar-15 21:23:46

Don't forget IPSEA can help you with the EHCP application - the website is great and you can get helpline help if you get stuck

Headofthehousehold Thu 28-May-15 23:36:02

Sparky 17 can u advise re irlen. Where did u get it assessed? Fixed.?

Sparky17 Fri 29-May-15 00:37:27

Hello We got it assessed at Michael Blackstone Behavioral Optometrists in Beaconsfield. If this is not near to you, you could google for a Behavioral Optometist - there aren't a lot of them! Or under Irlen testing? Where are you? It might also be worth enquiring at the Dyslexia Research Trust in Reading if that is any nearer to you....

Headofthehousehold Fri 29-May-15 00:52:01

Hi there London. We have tried 2 recommended centres and they haven't even responded :-( but tonight via mumsnet found the city university optometry clinic so will contact them tomorrow but appreciate your prompt response thanks

Sparky17 Fri 29-May-15 08:55:47

The optometrist diagnosed Irlen, and some eye therapy. We did not get on with their eye therapy so did an amazing program called Engaging Eyes purchased privately for about £70.00. (Google Www.engagingeyes, and check out the Tinsley House thread on mumsnet). My Dd also took supplements (vegepa fish oil, zinc, magnesium as these help build up the connectors in the brain, and we changed to high protein diet). After a year of all this, she no longer needs blue glasses to see black text on white background! All children are different but I just wanted to let you know there are things that help. Also be prepared for no one believing you or understanding, and to fight.....oh I am also pretty sure that all schools are supposed to have a pack of all the different coloured overlays (but they don't seem to use them!)...sorry to ramble on but I remember how frustrating it was and how little help you get! It is out there but sooooooo difficult to access ���������� makes me soooo angry!

1busybee Sun 10-Apr-16 20:22:34

Hi Sparky17 I know this is an old thread but I have an 8 year old with very probable APD, currently under audiology, I was wondering how you got on with progress? My son, like yours, is bright and currently reaching his levels at school. I am however noticing increased frustration and sometimes quite frequently a complete lack of understanding of what has been said. I worry a lot about his progress as he moves through school. Anything you ve learned and would be happy to share would be extremely gratefully received!!

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