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4 year old diagnosed with PDA not even on IEP

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cheekymonk Wed 28-Jan-15 21:28:41

Hello all, my 4 year old dd has severe speech delay which has led me getting checked for Autism. She has been diagnosed with PDA. She attends nursery almost full time and is not even on an IEP. They say is happy mixes well and manages to communicate her needs so they are ok with it! She is happy there but when she is at home, it is a different story. At her old nursery she was on an IEP and early years action plus but we moved. This nursery seem very slow to put anything in writing. I want to get an IEP for her with a view to EHCP ready for school in September. Any advice/thoughts??

senvet Thu 29-Jan-15 00:18:18

If you want an ECHP for Sept then request one now - it takes that long.

Never mind the ieps etc, just go for it.

Your nursery school seems to be mistaking 'coping' with meeting her SEN. If she needs help to increase her vocab and LEARN to self-manage PDA then the fact that she is progressing on the stuff the nursery actually measured is irrelevant.

Hopethis helps

cheekymonk Thu 29-Jan-15 12:55:25

Thanks senvet that is really helpful

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