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EHC Plan and home education

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NettleTea Fri 09-Jan-15 17:01:11

Just wondering if anyone has done an EHC plan whilst home educating. My 14 year old daughter has a physical illness and probably a neurological issue too. She is currently home educated but plans to return to further education at 16 to study a vocational course, so the plan would be useful for that, and also potentially for any exams which she might do prior to that.

I know that people HAVE done this, I am just trying to track them down for some advice!

senvet Fri 09-Jan-15 21:57:32

I'm sorry I just have grapevine stuff.

The problem I heard of once was that the LA named a school, and when the Tribunal endorsed it then the child had to go there. When they refused to send her there, they were threatened with an order to produce their child at school.

BUT since that case, they have started Ofsted stuff for home ed, so if you have a track record of being found to provide good education then you could go for it. I have heard of some home edders wanting SALT and OT provided alongside home ed, but they settled for NHS blocks of therapy rather than the weekly therapy they might have got via an appeal for fear of being forced to go into school.

So it is all in the timing now to get the EHCP for college...

Fingers crossed some home edders come forward

manishkmehta Sat 10-Jan-15 22:23:17

If you need home education you maybe able to get it written into an EHC Plan. The old education act 1996 did have a section 319 that allowed for "education otherwise" - The good news is that section 61 of the Children and Families Act 2014 also provides for "Education Otherwise".

However, i think the new act goes a little further if read in conjunction with section 100. Section 100 potentially provides for supporting pupils at school with medical conditions.

So,... i'm thinking... you could request all the necessary medical proivion required to meet needs under section 100 arguments... in the event that the LEA or school felt they could not meed those needs in a school placement they could agree to "Educaiton Otherwise" - HOWEVER, without knowing the details of your case and the complexitiy of the condition it is difficult to know what the outcome would be...

But my thinking is it will be possible. Given that part home / part school arrangements have become more common, it should still be possible to get home provision providing the parent secures the necessary evidence to support it.

Good luck,

senvet Sat 10-Jan-15 22:33:49

Just seen on another thread that you can have Home Ed with detailed EHC Plans
I'll see if I can get that poster over to this thread

senvet Sat 10-Jan-15 22:42:53

Sorry, nettle - I couldn't see the poster, bit tired to wade through it all, but I have started a new conversation on the child tab 'chat about your child' so I am hoping that will help find the info you need.

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