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Pre-school trips policies for children with Physical Disabilities

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Fosmummy1984 Mon 29-Dec-14 12:32:56


This is my first post, and I'm just after some advice, if possible, please.

DD has just turned 4, and has Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy. Her right arm and leg are affected. She wears splints on her arm and leg. She walks well, but cannot walk far, and is waiting for a wheelchair to use on trips, zoos etc.

She's been at Pre-school for a year, and it was recommended due to its excellent reputation for caring for SEN children. However, I'm not very happy with the organisation, and would like some advice about the trip policies please?

Before Christmas, the Pre-School manager phoned me up at 10:58 to ask if she could take DD on a safety walk down the road. I said yes, and that I'd happily come along and help. She said I couldn't as they were leaving at 11! Some children couldn't go because they couldn't contact their parents in time! I asked where they were going, and she said just down the road, cross it, and come back. When I picked DD up, it turns out they'd walked to the local shops and back, too far for DD to walk comfortably. When she got home she was in a state, her legs were in pain, and she wouldn't eat etc. I complained to the SENCO, as I felt that there needed to be a better plan in place. I asked what they would've done if DD had been unable to walk back, and they said they didn't know! Now, there are 2 nature walks planned for after Christmas, even further away. They only told me in advance because I nagged them, and I told them I was coming along to look after DD. They still don't seem to have made any provision for her if I can't make it.

I'm just wondering if they need to make provisions for physically disabled children?

Thank you,


senvet Sat 03-Jan-15 14:57:50

That said, working with them and keeping them on side is the best way.
A big string of complaints about discrimination could back fire.

And as they clearly aren't very organised, you are in the happy position of being able to offer to sort out their risk assessments for them. Happy?? Oh yes - so many parents get told that the risk assessment stops their child going!

(for about £20 you can do an online course in writing risk assessments!)

Realistically, I would try to get the wheelchair sorted as soon as possible.
A short term hire/loan might get you sorted for the up-coming nature walks.

The pre-school might be happy to write to your wheelchair service (or sign a letter you draft for them) saying how they need it for her education and inclusion.
Actually, this idea is more about getting your pre-school to associate your child with a wheelchair without it being a complaint from you! I can see a happy line of contacts with you updating the pre-school on how helpful their letter has been, and each time they get nearer to understanding her needs.
And it might actually help speed up the wheelchair provider!

Gong forwards, there are some new chairs with more robust wheels which are better for off road. (I heard about them from a remote South African village where pavements are unheard of!)

A friend with a child with Down's got a trike for her via the Beckham's charity. It was pretty quick and she was surprised to get a call from Mrs Beckham (senior) to check all went well. So that would be worth a go.

Otherwise, I guess the Red Cross, DPN swap shop etc would be worth a look.

Good Luck

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