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How do I get the most out of mainstream

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camptys Tue 09-Dec-14 21:52:34

My little girl is 8, diagnosed with Downs Syndrome and Autism. I find I can teach her at home (using creative methods) and she learns but at her mainstream school (where she has one to one) she's very badly behaved - pinching, slapping people etc. They treat her like a baby, no meaningful lessons since year 2 - she's now in year 4. I am driven to desperation as they are simply unable to reach her and I fear she is wasting her time.

How do I handle this?

BigBird69 Thu 11-Dec-14 08:22:45

I have been having similar issues with my son. Presume you have met with school to discuss your concerns? Is she able to integrate with the other children? Usually children are "naughty" because of a reaction to their surroundings, especially if you can get good response with her at home and school doesn't. Ultimately is MS the right place? Is it too busy for her? Have you thought of a special school or even a split placement?

senvet Sat 03-Jan-15 15:29:14

In my ASD case load there have been a lot of behaviour issues from unmet SEN. Once the SEN is properly understood and met, the behaviour problems tend to reduce dramatically, although acting sooner than later is good, so that the unacceptable behaviour does not get ingrained.

Do you have any independent experts? If you can afford a good one to go into school and observe what they are doing it might help. the 'Rolls Royce' advice would be ASD/Down' specialist Ed Psych, OT and SALT.

I'm guessing you have a Statement of SEN. What is she meant to be getting by way of help?

And is she getting it?

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