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Yr 2 DD has difficulty answering questions in class

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Littleover Sat 18-Oct-14 22:50:02

She has always been a bit random in conversation at home and at school. She has a lovely nature, no strops, very happy to help and is a joy to our family. She loves school, writing, numbers and is very good at reading but doesn't really take the story in enough to answer questions on it. I would say that she is also young for her age and is anxious to fit in, desperate for a best friend but ends up chatting to the boys. She has a very confident older sister that she tries to keep up with in every way but they don't see each other at school. When discussing/ answering questions in a group situation she gets flustered and gives a totally unrelated answer, then gets upset when she realises that wasn't a good enough answer. She also struggles with keeping to the task set whether it's school or just putting her shoes on at home. She gets distracted particularly in a busy environment and appears to forget or think it doesn't matter if she doesn't do what she is asked to. When one to one at school she gets upset when she realises that she isn't getting the answer right and has to be led into working it out. Teacher thinks that she may have a difficulty understanding or processing language. She will bring in someone who will do some work with her to see if they can give us a clue.
Reading this back she sounds a lot like me! I didn't really get it until secondary school and then I found a wider variety of subjects made it more interesting and easier to gain confidence. Her teacher picked up on it at the last Y1 consultation and thought she might outgrow it. Now she thinks it may hold her back unless investigated and I understand her concern. What could they be looking for and if it is a language issue will this affect everything she does at school? Any thoughts welcome, sadly I don't get to MN until evenings. Cheers.

senvet Sat 03-Jan-15 16:24:24

If you can afford it, get your own independent Ed Psych to assess and visit school. Whatever she is doing now may be something she learns to overcome, or work around, or would be helped by changes in the approach to teaching. An Ed Psych can shine some light on it.

There could be all sorts of things going on from slow processing speed, to hearing issues (my daughter needed to listen to CDs to iron out sensitivity to low frequencies which were distracting her).

Maybe there is lots of interesting stuff going on in her brain which makes focus on the Yr 2 story a bit too tedious.

And in terms of the future? My special school relative is now married employed and happy. And I guess happy will be high on your list of priorities for experts going forwards.

Hope this helps

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