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Special needs bramfield house school

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Rebeccatate1 Fri 17-Oct-14 01:54:43

Does anyone have a child at bramfield houseschool as this is where I feel he should be,I have an emergency statement review mainstream high school is at best failing him and at worse damaging physical and mental son is 11 has Asd ADHD odd and servere sensory difficulties. So far since September he has completed one whole school day the rest he has bn excluded for on a daily basis he is now having panic attacks and not eaten for 7 days. since been signed off by gp and is now eating again he hasn't bn in a class room for 2 yrs having bn taught 1-1 outside classroom on a part time basis just mornings, he has also changed primary 4 times due to his needs. high school expect him in full time in a class with changing ta his statement says 121 in a small group help any ideas most welcome do I go down special need route he is very bright with maths and reading but struggles with writing

senvet Sat 03-Jan-15 16:27:42

I have just read this - how are things going?

I could suggest lots of ideas, but I suspect things have moved on since you posted this.

For now though, your child is entitled to full time education that meets his SEN, and it sounds very much like the system is failing to do that BIG TIME.

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