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Worried about my year 4 child

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littlemiss06 Fri 10-Oct-14 19:27:41

She recently been diagnosed with autism, attachment disorder school haven't yet had the report from camhs although they did recieve a half way report stating that the above diagnosis is what they were looking at with her and also already has sensory processing disorder. In school shes in the low ability groups, her end of year 3 levels were 1A in reading, 1A literacy and 2C maths, in the last two weeks she seems to hate school, shes always been ok but she just tells me how everything is so hard and she gets shouted at, now im sure the lower ability group will get easier work but she just says she doesn't get some of the work they give her. Her teacher told me last week that she had a bad day and even though she knows it was a bad start in the morning she just failed to make any effort, when I asked her she said she didn't understand the maths work they wanted her to do, today she told me she had been crying again because in maths she told her teacher she didn't understand and her teacher shouted at her that she has to try, my daughter said to the teacher why does no one ever help me and her she said her teacher shouted at her saying she had to learn by herself. It seems to have been every day this week that shes been shouted at for not doing her work as they expect. Now she struggles retaining information so whilst some days she does get things other days she might not understand the same thing yet school just don't seem to be understanding at all, I do understand kids need to try themselves first but I cant help but worry she genuinely doesn't know how to do it from how she explains what they are doing. We do have parents evening next week and I will ask her teacher but I wondered if I should be asking anything in particular. Until that report comes from camhs with her diagnosis on we struggle to get any real support but im hoping it wont take too long now.

spanish Thu 16-Oct-14 17:50:37

Not sure where you live but look up Limpsfield Grange school in Surrey. It's a school for girls with ASD and the head there is extremely knowledgeable about how it presents differently in girls. It's a senior school, but they may be a good start to give you advice in the meantime. A lot of the girls there have felt like your daughter in primary.

senvet Sat 03-Jan-15 16:30:28

How is it going?

Sounds like you need the NAS Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104

I would guess that she needs a statement of SEN and a lot more support in mainstream.

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