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School refusing to give info on medical issue

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loki42 Wed 08-Oct-14 22:05:43

Before I get stroppy about this I thought I'd ask if anyone else has experienced this or knew what the score is legally. My daughter, who has Downs, and is in 2nd year (old school!) in our local special needs secondary school, and is still in nappies, has recently had some problems with her bowels.
unfortunately her diet isnt great and she has always went a couple or three days between movements, but she needed medical help this time, and went on a course of Movicol to sort matters out. She seems to be getting better, things were "solidifying" again, lowering the dose...., and had been back at school for about a week. School wrote in her home/school book yesterday that she had been wet and had had a bowel movement. This gives me little to go on, as her child minder told me she had a very loose movement after school, so I wanted to know more so I can care for her properly.

I wrote in the book that it would be very useful to know the size and consistency of any movements, and tonight read the reply that they are not allowed to tell me the details of her bowel movements without the instructions of a medical professional!

From my point of view I can see no reason, she is in nappies, I change her several times a day, she is my daughter, I am her only carer, she cannot provide me this information herself due to her mental incapacity, and this information is necessary for me to care for her properly, and I can see no reason why such information can not be provided to me, her father, apart from arse covering to be honest.

Before I do phone up and get stroppy, does anyone have any similar experience, or legal knowledge they could share? I'm bouncing at the moment, because they have withheld knowledge pertinent to the health of my daughter.

Ixashe Thu 09-Oct-14 13:58:31

I'm assuming they mean for data protection? If so, have a read of the information commissioners website. In the information about what they should share and what they need to keep private when the information covers more than one person it lists the test they should use, and if its information that the person would have aright to anyway then they have to give it.

NeedsAsockamnesty Wed 26-Nov-14 18:25:30

It will be because they are not medically qualified to asses the bowel movement

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