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Can anyone help me write a letter to be shown to school governors?

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marne2 Wed 08-Oct-14 11:18:11

Will try and keep this short so you understand what's been happening.

Dd2 is 8, she has ASD, she has been classed as High functioning due to her being academically able but some of her sensory issues are severe. She has a statement and receives 30 hours TA.

Due to her going to a small school her class had to split this year and 5 children from her class had to stay down whilst the others went up, dd was one of these children, we were confused by this as she is working at average or above average in all subjects, she is one of the oldest in her year group and all the children she was friends with were going up a class. There is only 4 girls in her year group and dd was the only girl kept down. We had a meeting at the end of last year to discus the reason why she was being kept down, we were told it was to help dd with her social skills and to save her from transition to another classroom, we were told she would be given the correct level of work and would not be re doing anything she did last year. We were told there was not enough room in the other class for her to go up.

So fast forward to now, dd2 has no friends, plays alone and has been getting bored in class due to re visiting work and work being too easy for her. The teacher has been sending home times tables for her to do when she knows them off by heart and can do long multiplication, the spellings being sent home are easier than last year.

Today we find out that a new boy ( the same age ) has started and been out in the class that we were told was full. This made me and another parent angry so we went in and spoke to the head ( acting head as the real head has been suspended ). I know have to write down my concerns so the acting head can present it to the governors.

The other parent that came in with me complained that her child had been put with mine and how it was unfair as he has a autistic sister ( who is severely autistic ) so spends enough time around her and shouldn't be with my dd. I thought this woman was my friend and I thought she understood, my dd is nothing like hers and she does not rely on her son to look after her ( she has a full time TA ), so this has really upset me and made me think 'everyone probably thinks the same of my dd' sad, I know feel very alone and no one understands.

My dd1 deserves the same education as any child, she doesn't deserve to be tossed to one side because she has ASD, she's a very bright little girl, very talented in many ways that others can't see. She doesn't cause trouble, rarely has meltdowns and she's always happy, she loves all the things other children her age like, she loves being around other children but since being in this class she doesn't mention any friends and seems to have gone back into a bubble.
The school are failing her, it's almost as if they have given up on her because she has ASD.

Please help me write a letter explaining that my little girl deserves to be treated the same as any other child and she deserves the correct education so she can be successful despite having ASD.

senvet Sat 03-Jan-15 16:34:39

Good Grief
I am sorry that I am only just reading this now when the worst is probably over but for future reference the NAS has an education helpline with trained volunteers who can help with advice and letter writing

Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104

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