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Shool admission for child with SEN

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chimwemwe1981 Mon 29-Sep-14 21:19:23

I am the grandparent and have been a full time carer for my nine year old grandson since just after his birth and have a residence order.
He has foetal alcohol syndrome and ADHD and has been doing well in a mainstream primary, with one to one help, as he has a statement of educational needs.
We will shortly be moving from Wales to Leicester near to our oldest daughter who will be helping with his care. He will still be living with us but will spent some time with her, she will take and collect him from school and in an emergency or if we need to go away he will stay at her house. Possibly in the future as we get older he will move in with her. This is necessary as my health is poor and caring for me and our grandchild is becoming too much for my husband. We are both retired.
Obviously he needs to go to the same primary school as my daughter's children but we have been told they have no places. There are no grounds to refuse his admission on either behaviour or attainment as he is doing extremely well with both. He keeps up with his peers, has lots of friends and recently won a trophy for best sportsperson in the school.
I have been told that as a child with a SEN he should have priority and that I can somehow 'make' the school accept him. I can't find any information on this online in school admission policy documents so will be really grateful if anyone can give me advice. I haven't yet officially applied for a school place but was told by them on the phone that there was no point in doing so.
Thank you.

maud876 Mon 29-Sep-14 21:34:51

Sorry should have been school not shool

senvet Sat 03-Jan-15 16:51:41

How is it going now?

I have my fingers crossed for you all

Primary class size limits are strict only in key stage 1, and after that it is up to the discretion of the school, although a Tribunal order to a school can overrule that.

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