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Lindamood-Bell Learning Centres UK

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HappydaysFundaysMum Mon 09-Jun-14 23:01:12

Hi there

Can anyone give me their reviews of their experience here? What do you think?

I'm looking for any mums out there who have had success rates with the services provided by the centre for their children and likewise any mums who have not had success for their children.

Thank you.

ForPetesSakeNotAgain Fri 27-Jun-14 23:06:38

DS1 has had two chunks of time at LMB - one year he did 6 weeks solid and 2 years later he did another 5 weeks. He loved doing it as they really know how to motivate kids but I never really felt he made much real progress. They use the same tests at the beginning and the end so some of the improvement you see comes from greater familiarity with the test. Improvements made over the period of his lessons would fade away over the following weeks/months - I guess I should have carried on working on it with him but it was never as much fun with Mum so he was pretty resistant. Maybe his type of dyslexia is a particularly hard nut to crack.

LMB claim good results though so maybe it is just us.

Henri68 Thu 05-Feb-15 05:52:34

My daughter (16) did Lindamood Bell in London Last summer. They insisted they would improve her comprehension skills significantly and by the end of the summer would be a keen and happy reader. They were very persuasive! You can imagine it was not an easy decision as they recommended 120 hours at £100 per hour, but were so compelling about the extraordinary results they could achieve that we decided to invest. They tested her extensively at the beginning and said the would retest at the end and we would be able to see the clear results. Well to cut a long story short, my daughter diligently went every day in her summer holidays for four hours a day doing English drills and at the end of the programme she was retested and none of her scores improved at all. Not only this ,but Lindamood Bell failed to pick up the fact that my daughter had severe ADD (she was diagnosed with this the following year after one of her teachers at school suggested she got tested). Given LMB are meant to be specialists in this area, it was a shock that they failed to pick this up. I absolutely would not recommend them, The place was hugely chaotic and there can be no justification for such an expensive tuition scheme, preying on parents' fears and hopes. Frankly it seems like a scam.

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