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6 year old boy with bsed and adhd - HELP

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vikkie12345 Wed 23-Oct-13 23:14:43

Hiya im new to mumsnet and would like advice please!
my son was in a mainstream reception class for around a month before they noticed problems, despite me telling them in advance he was hard work and prone to violent outbursts! after a few terms with many exclusions he was diagnosed with adhd and dyspraxia, after phone calls almost once a day I have given in to the schools suggestion that he is educated off site by a pupil support service 3 hours a day on his own with a teacher and ta (educational wise this is great but he has problems with social interaction and this doesn't help that one bit) being my sons only parent having to juggle this around my work has been a nightmare but finally some light at the end of the tunnel his statement has come through! but now im at a loss, the statement pretty much says mainstream is not appropriate but he doesnt have any learning difficulties its just behaviour, emotional and social needs. I have been looking at the schools avaliable and they all are miles away, I dont feel comfortable letting my 6 year old have weekly boarding so im looking for a bsed school less than an hour away from kingston upon thames, if anyone knows of one or knows where I could look I would be so grateful!
thanks x

frustratedmom1 Wed 17-Aug-16 12:10:36


punkyelf Mon 10-Oct-16 22:40:13

This is an old thread...but I have similar things with my son, hectic brilliant at Wolverdene in Andover...prob bout an hour from you.

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