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Epilepsy - what help / provisions are offered in main stream schools?

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Gumblina Sat 17-Aug-13 16:47:44

My son has cerebral palsy and uncontrolled complex epilepsy, he attends special needs school - however we still have major problems with them being unable to recognise seizures etc (that's another story!). I am unsure about mainstream provision but the best advice I can give is -
1. Speak to your epilepsy consultant to devise a care plan for the school nurse/welfare officer. Make sure school completes a epilepsy diary recording all episodes even when in doubt, recording sudden changes in mood, sleepiness etc
2. Contact Epilepsy Action who will be the best to offer advice on education matters. They actually go to schools and educate both teachers and pupils about the condition and how to deal with seizures etc.
3. IPSEA website is another great source of information about your child's rights at school and educational statements. It may be the case your son will need extra help in the classroom and they can help advise how to approach your local educational authority.
4. Has your son had a sleep EEG - if he has seizures during sleep this can have a major effect on his education and the school needs to keep monitoring his progress.

Good Luck, I do understand what you are going through!!!

kats3 Wed 15-May-13 11:30:38


just wondered if anyone on here has an epileptic child at mainstream school, and how helpful / accommodation they have found the school?

im not sure what I can expect from the school relating to supervision 'just in case' of seizures, extra help with learning (missed info due to absences, tiredness due to meds and absences) general well being and confidence, playtime/lunchtime supervision, etc

if a generalized seizure occurs, i'm called to pick up, if they notice an absence seizure they tell me at the end of the day if they remember (he has them usually atleast 3 -4 times a day that i've noticed...they have only seen 4 over the last 3 weeks )

they said he doesn't need a SEN statement as hes academically doing well (he was 'above average' before the epilepsy, and although its slowed him down, hes not 'below average')

I know I watch him more than school, I understand that's because im a protective mom, but just wonder what level of supervision I should expect from them, and what is just me over thinking the 'what if's '

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