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Reading support is in the way of Lexia program- Don't feel it is working

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kalpamum Tue 09-Apr-13 15:10:31

DD is 12, yr 7. She is severely dyslexic along with other difficulties with a statement. Since starting secondary she has been put on Lexia reading (foundation) She has completed 3 levels now but I cannot see how this is helping. He single word reading isn't that far behind, her difficulties with reading are fluency and keeping track. When I have questioned school regarding how they are supporting fluency, sentence structure, grammar and comprehension they say Lexia is supporting this. I am struggling to see how and feel they are pulling the wool over my eyes. Out of 12.5hrs support she is pulled out 1 hr a week to sit in front of a computer to do lexia and work shark. Wordshark is also a waste of time as spelling set are Yr1/2 spellings and her spelling isn't that bad, assessed as 9yr old. School commented that there are some area where she has not done so well on the lexia, but when I mention that this is due to her listening skills (lowest1%ile in auditory processing) they just seemed to change the subject.
I am wondering whether to tell them to stop pulling her out of lessons to do these as they are not supporting her personal difficulties and she is missing a drama lesson which I feel due to her speech and language difficulties (that are not being supported either) is much more important. She hates doing Lexia and at the moment is again very reluctant to read to me. Her quote last week was "I wish I never had to read again"! On her I.E.P is to read to someone once a week but this has never happened unless I write a note and it happens that one week!

Any advise would be helpful. I would like to approach them with a different way they should be supporting her reading. Or am I missing something regarding how Lexia will help.

kalpamum Wed 10-Apr-13 14:09:00

Realized I have posted this in wrong section to get lots of responses so re messaged in special needs children.

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