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Transition to Secondary School for DS with Apsergers - does someone help me make decisions?

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HondaJizz Sun 07-Apr-13 07:47:08

DS1 is in Yr 5 and has only recently been diagnosed with AS after years of issues with sensory processing. As it is on a spectrum, I would say that he is very mild. He can attend twice weeky theatre school classes by himeself, drum lessons, take part in theatre productions and is an angel when looked after by relatives / goes to holiday club.

He has had a rocky road at school however as his understanding of speech (too literal) and his strong moral code of right and wrong often leades him down the wrong path. He can be surly and rude to teachers, however this is definitely improving with age.

I am worried about senior school. His small primary school all know about DS and his mannerisms and recognise how he learns. He cannot sit on a table with other children as he cannot tolerate objects on the desk that are not under his control etc etc

The last letter I got from CAMHS was stating the new diagnosis of ASC/AS and mentioned that his needs would be discussed at the next ASD care coordination panel?

Does this mean they will assist me in the transition to Senior School? I have spent all weekend fretting that I might have to move into the catchment of the mainstream secondary school that specialises in sensory disorders, which I cannot afford to do.

Could anyone guide me with the next step and who I should be speaking to? Many thanks everyone.

HondaJizz Sun 07-Apr-13 07:50:24

I should add, his last parent's evening at school was exemplary...he has worked so well with his new teacher and really blossomed. After him being excluded from his first school (abroad, they just did not understand him) I so badly want to keep his educational and social progress on the right track.

At his first school, they called me every day to tell me how bad he was. At this school, the phone never rings and he is the leading role in the school's next production.

I can't bear the thought of hom not being understood at his next school. Will now having the dx help?

HondaJizz Sun 07-Apr-13 10:28:51


homework Fri 26-Apr-13 16:31:49

In his year five review they will start to discuss secondary placements anyway. Start looking around at end of this year beginning of next to see if you find a school you would be happy with. Speak to senco arrange a follow up with her when kids are in school. Discuss with them amount of support if any your son will need. Once you find school your happy with , and there happy to have and support your child speak to education dept. if statemented , they hopefully just name school you want. ( more difficult if an independant school , less so if in next brough ) if not statemented harder , but make sure you fill in reason you choice that school , please fill in all available boxes for choices as you should hopefully get one that you like and have already spoken to about additional support once there.
There will be teething problems to start whilst everyone gets use to your son and his ways . Also your son getting use to a totally different environment , but they hopefully will offer him support during this time.

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