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7 year old in year 2 struggling with writing, and concentration.

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littlemissbunny Wed 20-Mar-13 13:56:58

My son is in year 2 and is on an IEP for his writing, he was on it for maths too, but he has caught up now and is on the level he should be, so now it's just writing.

I think part of the problem is he rushes and doesn't concentrate.

I struggle to concentrate myself on things so can understand this.

His teacher said sometimes he writes more neatly than others, if it was bad all the time he would worry, but it can be neat when he concentrates.

He is making a slight improvement, but I still think there is more too it. He is very immature for his age, and in his own world most of the time.

I'm just worried if he gets anymore behind he is going to really struggle and get disillusioned with school.

His cousin who is a year ahead in school really struggles with writing too, and his school thought it was dyspraxia at first, but after investigation it's hypermobilty and a sensory processing disorder.

My sister in law sent us the report and I can see a lot of similarities.

Is it best to go to the gp? I don't want to go behind schools back, but I also feel they aren't taking it as seriously. His teacher is lovely and my son responds well to him, but he is so laid back that nothing phases him. I don't want to get a reputation at school if you know what I mean?

I would really appreciate any advice, thanks smile

incywincyspideragain Sat 30-Mar-13 22:03:58

Not sure what to write, but didn't want to leave your post unanswered, can share our experience, I have a ds (year 2, 6 yrs) who also struggles to concentrate and refuses to do creative writting - it doesn't interest him, nor me smile but its on curiculum and sats. He will write if its science but its mostly creative writing (class teacher said 40% of literacy) I'm not worried about it, his hand writing is apalling, so is my brothers but he's done fine.

A bit of history is that we had no concerns about ds before he started school, within weeks teacher called us it to say he was pretty much off the wall, 'in his own world' 'not getting school' - they thought he was austic, turns out he had cronic glue ear and severe hearing impairment, he couldn't cope in school and phonics meant nothing, we spent last year catching him up with his school work (he finished reception unable to read) school put him on school action plus, the ed psych has been in at least 3 times each year, she recommended we see gp for referal to cahms, gp disagreed (we agree with him) basically ds is bit aspergers, bit adhd, bit dyspraxic (he has joint hypermobility to), has better hearing now he has grommets but its not at 'normal' level, he also has eye tracking difficulty and has been assesed as very bright so is frustrated, school agree they can meet his needs without a label (although because its a bit of everything one label would be hard) he has a cushion to sit on, can wear head phones if its too noisy,
He also has more understanding and does special forest school to help with friendships, Beaver scouts has been a god send to raise his self esteem and we enrolled him in music lessons - not everyone is good at writing smile

All I can say is don't worry about what school will think,speak to who ever you think can advise and help, lots of good advice on here and ideas, the only advice we've had about writing is do lots of things that aren't writing like mazes,puzzles,colouring in, things to improve hand strength - clay, playdough or fimo, and also to think of school as one element of life skills, creative writing will be hard if you have nothing to write about so do lots of creative things at home

Hope that kind of helps, not really answered your question but can chat x

MadameSin Sun 31-Mar-13 18:37:55

Try posting on Special Needs Children section as there's lots of experience over there. My experience is ds2 dx ADHD at age 7 ... now almost 10. Picked up in year 1 with inability to concentrate, really poor writing etc etc. Talk to SENCO at school and ask if there are any assessments they could recommend. If no joy and you're still worried, go to GP with list of concerns and ask for referral to whoever they feel appropriate. It will be quicker this way. Lots of difficulties like dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADHD etc run in families ... mines rife with ADHD/dyslexia ... including me!! Any child who has difficulties in the class room will almost certainly become disaffected by learning, that's why it's really important to catch it early. Good luck!

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