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can someone enlighten me (dyslexia related I *think*)

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Annabella56 Sun 18-Aug-13 17:10:28

Hello I work in the Field of SEN and I am also dyslexic. What adult's forget is that for a child who is learning to read or write, it is a tiring process as they have to think about what they are reading or what letter they are forming as well as plan ahead their sentence or piece together the story in the book as they go!
This is tiring for young children without SEN as well as those with SEN. We adults who have mastered these skills forget this!
I know that if I read for a long period my head get tried or type for too long! This my heads way of saying stop or do something else or come back to it later. It could be that your child is simple tried and thus their attention wants to move on to something else for a bit.
Children who are over 8 years old can be tested for Dyslexia as it is normal for young children under 8 year to get their letter's muddled and backwards as they are learning the basic literacy skills and co-ordination skills. It could be that a child under 8 is later developed or is still learning. It is wrong to label an infant with a condition when it could just be their life stage.

BigBird69 Fri 09-Aug-13 20:27:51

My son has a statement for very severe literacy probs. over the years we have seen just about everyone possible! I would resent a referral to orthotics and also OT for a "visual perception test". They'll fob you off and say its not needed. Insist! He who shouts loudest.... Good luck

Periwinkle007 Wed 08-May-13 11:05:32

I think you need to check out Irlen syndrome/scotopic sensitivity/eye stress certainly. all just different names for the same thing. it is really where contrasts of black on white or other combinations of text can make letters move around or make it harder to track words etc and see punctuation. my 5.5 year old has coloured glasses now which have really helped her.

we don't have any problems with concentrating really (other than a bit with reading before she got the glasses)

my advice would be to get the eye side of things checked first and then see if there is a knock on effect with concentration. I agree though that ADHD is also worth considering.

The earlier you become aware of any possible problems like this the better. If coloured glasses or overlays help then she will find school much easier, if tracking is still a problem specialist opticians can do tracking tests and exercises so she can learn skills there etc

WedotherapyOT Mon 06-May-13 18:19:48

Have you thought about visual stress?

willitbe Sat 06-Apr-13 16:12:18

Hi, I know you posted this a couple of weeks back but just wanted to ask if you had considered attention deficit disorder (ADHD inattentive type)
You say that you think it us won't rather than can't with focussing, but children with attention disorders can be good at focussing on things at times. Seeming engrossed to an extreme sometimes, this is how AD(H)D can present.

I would strongly recommend you ask for assessment for ADHD as she sounds like a classic inattentive type to me.

My son was recently diagnosed with this.

kalpamum Fri 15-Mar-13 16:17:15

Not quite sure if GP would want her there too. Guess not as they cannot test eyes. I have been to my GP without my DD and sorted things out.
Good luck x

stealthsquiggle Fri 15-Mar-13 16:06:58

Thanks, kalpamum. I did wonder about eye tests - I shall go and talk to GP and see where it goes. Do I have to take DD with me, though? I would rather she was not party to too many conversations right now as I don't want her to get into a "there's something wrong with me" mindset.

The school is independent, but has a very high percentage of DC receiving 1 to 1 help, so they are not resistant to diagnosis, just not equipped to make it themselves right now (they used to have an OT on the staff but she left)

kalpamum Fri 15-Mar-13 16:00:06

Hi, I would suggest that you speak to your GP regarding concerns. I would say that the first thing to sort is a referral to Orthoptic department to check her eyes. My daughter was tested and was giving a colour overlay for a condition called Iren Syndrome. If you google this there is lots of info on this. School's don't like to text for dyslexia until they are a bit older, if they take this on board. My DD was 10 before we got a diagnosis privately, she is severely Dyslexic and school did not pick this up and argued with us being concerned.

stealthsquiggle Fri 15-Mar-13 15:44:59

DD is 6, in Y1. She has always been "scatty" at home as well as in school (doesn't focus, stops with mouth half full and has to be reminded to chew and swallow, scatters uniform and possessions liberally).

Fine motor skills seem ok to me - her writing is good, she threads beads etc with no issues) and gross motor skills largely ok - she is rubbish at catching, but we have not really spent time teaching her, and she runs pretty well.

All in all, we have always assumed that the lack of focus was a matter of won't, not can't,as she will sit and concentrate on drawing /craft stuff for hours when she chooses to.

However, her teacher has now raised the fact that, whilst her reading is good, she misses out words - even when following them with her finger. It's as if her eyes cannot remain focused along the lines IYSWIM. Teacher started talking to me about left brain/right brain connectivity (or lack of it).

We didn't really have the chance to continue the conversation, but my question is whether this a recognised sign of something, and what else we should be looking for. I am currently feeling guilty for all the flaming rows discussions I have had with her about focus and concentration.

... so I thought I would trust in the SN expertise of MN smile [grovel]

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