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Sussex independent mainstream for SEN

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deadparrot Sun 10-Mar-13 14:27:34

Thank you pipmumto3 for the info and sorry for disappearing off this thread! Had a crisis at school, making the need to move much more urgent.

I spoke to the Newlands staff and thry sounded lovely but I just knew without even visiting that it wouldnt work for DS. V interesting to hear about bede's though, as that sounds like a possibility. Would be a shame if it changed tack just as we moved though. Definitely a question to ask.

The research continues... oh tiobe able to send to the local school and be done with it. Thanks again x

pipmumto3 Fri 08-Mar-13 18:13:41

Hi. I don't actually have kids at either school myself, but have heard from others who have. Bedes has a very good reputation for dealing with kids with special needs. There is an open morning in April you might want to go to to find out more. However, I recently heard that both the Head and the Deputy Head of the junior school are going to be leaving and the school will be changing - from what I hear the Head of the Senior School is keen to move it to be more academic, so it's something you might want to discuss with them. Personally I've not heard great things about Newlands. There is the ongoing financial issue and a friend of mine enrolled her child a year ago, only to pull her out after just one morning as she was unhappy about both the environment and how the teachers were treating her daughter. Not sure this helps particularly but good luck finding the right school for your little ones.

deadparrot Sun 03-Mar-13 13:33:22

Hello folks, does anyone have recent experience of newlands or bedes? Or any other similars locally?

Ds is in yr 1 at mainstream state school, bright kid with ASD/dyspraxia and a statement. Things aren't going great at school despite frequent meetings. Poor communication (them not him!), his behaviour is getting worse, and other aspects eg social skills being neglected altogether. A common story, i know. We are trying to work things through with them, but as they're the best of the local primary schools, if there's no change we will - v reluctantly - consider finding the cash for private as an alternative. The nearest to us for his age seem to be newlands in seaford or st bedes in Eastbourne. (I know newlands has had financial probs in the past - has all that passed?)

Both are mainstream but with a high proportion of SEN pupils. (He might even find quirky friends, I'm thinking?) Neither are especially nearby, and we would need to do epic school runs or even relocate - but we are so worried at the moment, if we felt he was in safe hands it would be worth it.

Has anyone had experience of either? And what about for siblings with no SEN too?

Any advice very much appreciated, or ideas of any other schools in the area.

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