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Best primary educational setting for a child with GDD

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hilaire Mon 21-Jan-13 15:00:07

Can anyone advise what may be best for a child who is due to start school in September who has global developmental delay, particularly in speech, language and communication, vision and hearing problems and self-help delay (she cannot currently accommodate her own basic needs - needs support with feeding, wiping her nose, is not yet toilet trained, cannot drink out of an open cup and still uses a beaker). Trying to decide between these two options FOR RECEPTION YEAR ONLY: (1) send her to a unit attached to a mainstream school where she would get specialist speech and language input in a setting with a high adult to child ratio but which is located in an area where none of her current nursery friends will attend school or (2) send her to mainstream school with 3 form entry with 30 in each class where she would get 1:1 support from an LSA but would only get 3 visits from a SALT per term. At nursery, she is in a class which, on one of the days she attends, has 30+ children in it and she is absolutely loving it, thriving there, holding her own, adapting to the noisy, boisterous surroundings and learning all the time from the other children (none of whom have special needs). Her speech is much improved since she started at the nursery and I am inclined to think it would continue to improve in the same way at mainstream school. However, I am also aware that school will be quite different from nursery with only one teacher, one teaching assistant and an LSA whereas her nursery school works on a 1:6 ratio (with an additional support staff member on site for the time that my daughter attends to meet her 1:1 needs. So I understand that within a mainstream school, life will be very different for her from nursery but would moving her into a unit with perhaps only a couple of other children there from potentially different SEN backgrounds from her own (e.g. behavioural issues/Autism Spectrum) set her back socially? Help! Obviously, I'm not expecting expert advice, just the opinion of any other parents out there who've maybe experienced similar dilemmas. Thanks.

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