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can anyone advise on an issue with DS degree?

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ThatVikRinA22 Fri 11-Jan-13 19:00:51

DS has AS, dyspraxia and dyslexia.

He is in his 3rd year of a computer science degree. One of this years assignments was a formal interview including scrutiny of his CV and covering letter.

He had this yesterday and felt it had gone really well. He was really pleased.

He rang today to say he had not done very well - they said he didnt go into enough depth in his answers. He had no idea - he was oblivious to what they wanted.

This means that his required grade is in jeopardy because of this one "assignment"

I asked if anyone had explained anything about what they were looking for - which no one had. Given that he has Aspergers - and that he is basically clueless when it comes to reading situations and having any level of understanding about what sort of info they would have wanted, i find this a bit unfair for him and that he would have been at a disadvantage due to his disability.

He has tried today to get an appointment with his special needs named adviser - he has always been fobbed off with another adviser before, i told him to insist on seeing his named adviser - he now has to wait to see them until monday.

he is very upset.
he now says to get a 2:1 (which he needs to apply for the jobs he wants) he will need to get a first in his next assignment - he sees a study coach but no one he sees has any experience in his chosen subject.

I have told him to see the named adviser and ask about extra tuition - but he doesnt know if this is possible. He is being very negative and thinks he has blown it - he says he could contest the grade but basically they would just remark it....he says nothing would change.

what can we do now to help him?

he lives at uni and its an hour and a half away - he has thought he was doing well up until now - he realised today that he isnt going to achieve what he needs to without his next assignment being perfect (something he feels is unattainable)

can anyone give us any advice please?

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 11-Jan-13 22:23:51

anyone? bumping....desperate bump.

catok Mon 14-Jan-13 23:11:36

Jump up and down in annoyance as you always have to do when 'people' refuse to support our bright and socially clueless offspring. Get your son's permission, then phone the Uni and demand to speak to the named advisor. When they fob you off, get the messsage passed on that they have 24 hours to contact you before you raise your concerns with the head of Faculty, followed by the Vice-Chancellor as they are failing to meet the requirements of the Equalities Act through insufficient support. Tell them clearly how upset he is, as I'd suspect that he's good at showing an unemotional exterior. Has he had experience of using his CV or writing covering letters? Of course, he was given a detailed list of what they were looking for, and his advisor helped him work through the points? (haha)
If you'd like to use my killer phrase, stay icily calm and keep saying "I think you'll find you can" when they say they 'can't do anything now and it's too late'; or , nice and sweetly, "Oh dear, I'll have to take this further then".
I get told by understanding friends and colleagues "You're his greatest advocate" and the battle's never over. You can only try - wishing you the best of luck!

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