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reducing SEN support in secondary education

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rickbird Wed 16-Jan-13 13:19:20

You have to ask yourself the question - where does the SN money go when it hits the school? We have the same in our area. How much does the school get (under the new/transitional funding system) and how is this being spent? If the SN funding is X amount, is the head/governing body redirecting elsewhere into the budget? Check out the SN advice on your council website. The school have a legal responsibility to educate your SN child despite his additional needs and to match the necessary support to those needs. WITH OR WITHOUT A STATEMENT (Had to quote this at our school this week when told the same thing!). SENco told me I knew more about funding changes than she did as she was being fed different info. Local council website/LEA website shows proposed funding allocation, also shows legal responsibility of school. May just take this up with the head. Approx 200 parents of SN kids in the school, are we all feeling the same pain?!

kittycat68 Wed 28-Nov-12 13:15:58

well no suprise to me!! SEN education in mainstream schools is mostly (but not always)C**P !! they dont get the support they are entiltled to statement or not.

MadameSin Sun 11-Nov-12 17:11:13

Jeeze, that makes me feel sick. The thought that the most vulnerable in your school being set up to fail !!!! sad

claracompo Sun 11-Nov-12 16:35:20

I work at a secondary school supporting statemented children. However, our department is under threat and redundancies WILL happen in the new year.
Our y10 GCSE English class of 6 pupils has just been scraped and the pupils are to join another class because the teacher has been realocated to dual teach the middle set to ensure the borderline D or E level try to get a level C. Now I'm not against improving overall results for the whole school but it seems that the SEN pupils are being sacrificed in order to improve overall results and league tables.
Anyone else have similar issues or is it just my school?

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