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My 11year old has been diagnosed with severe dyslexia, irlen,dyspraxia, sensory issues and hyper mobility in his finger joints.

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Ineedalife Sat 22-Sep-12 18:41:49

Sorry kathy just noticed your thread, any chance you could repost on the special needs children board. It gets loads more traffic and everyone on there is really helpful.

We are trying to get this board closed down because hardly anyone finds it and it leaves people with no support.

Special needs children is just underneath Am I Being Unreasonable but dont go there by mistake its a scary placegrin

kathy79 Thu 20-Sep-12 22:22:49

I'm going to do a bit of a rant here so apologies in advance. My son was in a mainstream setting 2 years ago when I withdrew him out of necessity because he kept talking about wanting to die rather than go to school, he had a headache every day and was very phobic. He was seen by camhs to be assessed for Aspergers although the conclusion was they couldn't give me a diagnosis because I'd had to remove him from school.
He has senn professionals left right and centre since leaving school so we can get a clear understanding of his difficulties and how best to help. He has been officially diagnosed with all of the above.
Getting a statement from my LEA s like trying to make pigs fly, as I'm only at the first information gathering stage when I got ambushed at home today by my Elective home educator officer his boss and the SEN panel case worker. They are trying to stall me by putting my son into a mainstream school to arrange some support! I'm telling you I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface and they are already trying to stone wall me.
My ed psych said he is severely dyslexic and is below the 1%percentile for processing and below the 0.03% percentile for working memory. His other scores are very low also, but he is verbally bright and is average on that score.
They have already said regardless of any specialist help or schools that may be recommended in my private ed psych report they like to keep children in bourough with support. I have already been told that only 3 in 100 children in the Dudley bourough are given a statement, so my chances are not good.
So let me get this right it's about funding and not about the child's needs?
Any help or advice appreciated please, the more the merrier.

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